This Year’s Events

The North Stage

North of Wellesley at the base of the Ferris Wheel


DJ Chiclet

12pm — 2pm

Developing her skills for over a decade, Chiclet has played countless raves, club residencies, radio shows, and special events in Toronto, Montreal, New York City, and Hong Kong, among other cities. She has played numerous venues and events in the Village, including Toronto Pride for the last 9 years in a row. Using her unique mixing style, technical skill, enthusiasm, and tendency to dance behind the decks, Chiclet won a 2009 Heineken-sponsored DJ Battle of the Sexes. With her musical arsenal ranging from House and Electro, to Breaks and Nu Disco, Chiclet continues to rock dance floors across the city.


DJ Craig Dominic

2pm — 4pm

Craig Dominic emerged in early 2008 after being asked by a DJ friend if he'd like to learn. Within a month he had his own night and has since gone on to run his own events, start his own events business and was voted runner up for best DJ in Xtra 2010. His signature 'Jack of all trades' style has given a new perspective on the DJ scene blending top 40, urban(R&B & Hip Hop, etc), house & more into one cohesive experience, like few others can. Less than a year into his career he started Battle Pop, a self produced event for fans of artists. He has DJ'd countless special events, countless venues and still continues to have his residencies, currently at Crews & tango on Saturdays.

DJ Alain Plamondon

4pm — 6pm

Dj in the Toronto gay scene since 1988. Bars/clubs, Komrads, Bar 1, Boots Warehouse, Fly, The Barn, Zipperz, O'Grady's and Fuzion. Music; Top 40 dance, anthems, retro, house, tribal, soulful...

DJ Quinces

DJ Quinces

6pm — 8pm

Quinces is a Toronto based DJ, known for mixing a diverse music for the party goers in the Church & Wellesley party district. She holds her weekly residency at Crews & Tangos, the creative producer of Rendezvous show @ Buddies And Bad Times Theatre, and the party promoter of DestinAsian event.




8pm — 10pm

Here's an introduction for a DJ that rarely needs one... Long a leading force in the Canadian scene, for years he has been labeled “Canada’s hardest working DJ”, frequently playing gigs in nearly every Canadian centre – big and small – and has held residencies in clubs across the country for more than 15 years. Building on his international profile, Deko-ze has numerous gigs in the USA, UK, Germany, Taiwan and Mexico under his belt. Signed with Hi-Bias Records, he has seen to date; five singles, two remixes and two highly successful compilations ("Delicious" from 2006 and ”Canada’s Finest: House" from 2008). In a scene now overly segmented, Deko-ze is increasingly distinctive. Although categorized as a House DJ, he is recognized for his ability to fuse music of multiple genres (deep, funky, tech and hard house; tribal; progressive; techno). His energetic and charismatic stage presence, engaging personality, strong technical skills, and original approach to programming have uniquely cultivated a huge following in both the gay and straight scenes. Simply put, everybody loves Deko-ze.

The Firkin South Sound Stage

At Church and Maitland


DJ Triple-X

8pm — 10pm

DJ Triple-X has been spinning his unique mix of dirty sexy retro electro for several centuries, always causing heads to spin like Linda Blair. Come prepared for the best, but expect the worse. You'll hear songs you thought you'd never hear again, and others you have never heard before. The more you drink the better it sounds. Foolish dance moves are highly encouraged.

More events coming soon!

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